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On this page, we have assembled some training videos and tips that are helpful to prepare for your next listing.

Listing Agent Tools You Need to Buy!

How to Run a CMA

Check out this great Listing Presentation Training


If you follow the steps, you should encounter very few, if any, objections.

Day 5-1 Perfect Listing Process





Listing Agreement.pdf


Listing Agreement

How to Prepare a Net Sheet - REQUIRED FOR ALL LISTINGS  

        Propy is another option

You'll need from the seller:

How to Prepare Homes for Photos & Showings

Preparing homes for the listing involves several steps to ensure that your sellers can sell for top-dollar in the least amount of time!

    SMELLY HOUSE?  Use this ozone machine in each room for an hour or so 

How to easily get a Seller's Disclosure prepared 

The Seller's Disclosure Notice of Property Condition (SDN) is required by sellers of previously occupied single family residences and is to be used in conjunction with a contract for the sale of real property entered into on or after September 1, 2019. It contains information required to be disclosed by Section 5.008 of the Texas Property Code regarding material facts and the physical condition of the property. 

There are only 11 exceptions from the requirement to provide this disclosure -->

The SELLER can choose whether they want to use the minimum TREC form or the more extensive Texas Realtors version of the form.

Check out the information below about Sellers Shield to get the form filled out electronically by the seller to get a clean, readable copy as opposed to a handwritten form and they can also purchase additional protection.

NOTE: If you do not provide the SDN before the execution of the contract, the buyer will have an automatic FREE SEVEN-DAY termination period to get out of the contract upon receipt all the way up to the day of closing!

Don't put your seller at risk! Provide the notice before executing the contract and ensure that 7B on the contract is checked "Buyer has received the notice"

SDN EXEMPTIONS: Texas Property Code Sec. 5.008. (e)  This section does not apply to a transfer:

(1)  pursuant to a court order or foreclosure sale;

(2)  by a trustee in bankruptcy;

(3)  to a mortgagee by a mortgagor or successor in interest, or to a beneficiary of a deed of trust by a trustor or successor in interest;

(4)  by a mortgagee or a beneficiary under a deed of trust who has acquired the real property at a sale conducted pursuant to a power of sale under a deed of trust or a sale pursuant to a court ordered foreclosure or has acquired the real property by a deed in lieu of foreclosure;

(5)  by a fiduciary in the course of the administration of a decedent's estate, guardianship, conservatorship, or trust;

(6)  from one co-owner to one or more other co-owners;

(7)  made to a spouse or to a person or persons in the lineal line of consanguinity of one or more of the transferors;

(8)  between spouses resulting from a decree of dissolution of marriage or a decree of legal separation or from a property settlement agreement incidental to such a decree;

(9)  to or from any governmental entity;

(10)  of a new residence of not more than one dwelling unit which has not previously been occupied for residential purposes; or

(11)  of real property where the value of any dwelling does not exceed five percent of the value of the property.

If you're not aware, Sellers Shield partnered with eXp Texas two years ago to reduce risk in your business and simplify the listing process. Please take a moment to watch our short introduction video below, then click the link below to access your account and get started today!

Watch the full demo below!!!

Will Collins, Acct Manager:

General Customer Support:

Home Sale Legal Protection™ Support:

How to input the listing into MLS

EXP COMPLIANCE: Within 48 hrs of the signed listing agreement, you must must enter the listing transaction into Skyslope

Before you begin entering directly into MLS, take the time to go through the Residential Data Input form also found in Zipforms to make sure you've got it filled out correctly. 

Below is a great video about how to input a listing into the MLS. When you are ready to begin entering your listing into MLS, this video will walk you through the process. 

Check out the video >> about understanding the MLS status definitions (Active, Active Option, Kick Out, Pending, etc.).  You are required to change the status immediately. For example, when you have an accepted contract, change the status to either Active Option if there is an option period, Active Contingent, Active Kick-Out, or Pending.  Do not leave it sitting in Active status waiting for money to arrive at title.

How to Optimize Your Listing with Transaction Desk

Sharing Documents with Other Agents via Transaction Desk

The Transaction Desk is a major time-saving feature in MLS. You can store documents associated with a transaction and select who can view them. This allows you to share documents on your listing. Go to Matrix and select Input. Click on Manage Documents via Transaction Desk. Create a transaction, selecting both the appropriate listing type and your role. Here are the documents that are recommended for sharing via Transaction Desk to protect your seller:

One thing to note is that by default, the documents are set to "Private" meaning that only you can see them.  You can set your document permissions in your Instanet transaction file. Click on the star icon to change the settings of your document:

What does “Public” view mean? When you make a document in your listing public, buyers will have access to that document through their Matrix client portals. “Private” documents are only viewable by you and by registered Supra users in your office. “MLS Agent View” means that all MLS subscribers can view the documents, but the public cannot.

If documents are marked for “MLS View”, the agent on the other end will see a message “There are no documents to be viewed at this time”. If any documents are marked for “Public view”, the agent will be able to view.

To upload your document, click on the blue bar to find a document or drag and drop from the desktop. Once it’s loaded, you’ll notice a green star.

That means that the document is set for only MLS subscribers. Click on it once to toggle to change the setting to public view and click once again to change it to private. Keep clicking to toggle among the choices. Bear in mind that public view documents will show up in IDX feeds as well.

How to install the Supra Lockbox at your listing

Watch the tutorial videos for tips and actually how to open the box.

NOTE: If there is not a good way to hang it on the door because it won't fit, you can find an alternate place to hang it near the front door area preferably in a spot that will not allow the keybox to be stolen from the property like a nearby lamp or pipe. 

If you do put it somewhere besides the front door, be sure to make that note in the showing instructions in MLS and in Showingtime so people get those appointment instructions and agents aren't left lurking for the box. You will get a lot of calls from confused agents.

Showing Scheduler from Showingtime (formerly CSS) 

You can spend a LOT of time scheduling showings if you do not have a showing service to handle that process that allows buyer's agents to schedule showings at times that are convenient for them, allows the seller to approve or decline appointments and allows for blocking out showing times for when the seller may have family in town or something that prevents them from being able to leave for the showings. A service like ShowingTime will also allow you to set parameters around when agents can show the home, how soon they can schedule before showing up and even collecting feedback after the appointment.  It also allows you to send broadcast emails to agents who have already shown the property.

Do all listing use the Showingtime appointment scheduling service?

Most agents use Showingtime, but not all agents use it because there is a monthly fee for the listing to be enrolled in the service. It makes it much harder for agents to show the house and also for the listing agent who has to manage all of the showings themselves. Sometimes appointments are set up directly with the agent because the seller wants their agent present at all showings. You will see this more in high-end homes. Follow the agent's rules.

NOTE: eXp does not have a brokerage account with Showingtime. You will need to create your own account by paying for the individual listing or setting up a monthly subscription if you have multiple listings every month.

You should be able to add, pay for and manage your showing in the ShowingTime website, but what number do agents call for help with listings?

SAVE THIS NUMBER AS A CONTACT IN YOUR PHONE --> Showingtime (817)858-0055  You may need it while you're out and about.

Before the showing

Unless your listing is not set as "Go & Show" where you don't need to approve appointments, give timely responses to showing appointment requests. Approve or Decline

After Showings

FEEDBACK: Follow up with the showing buyer agents to get constructive feedback to share directly with the seller to help them with their sale related decisions

Reviewing an Offer

Review every offer carefully with a fine-tooth comb. DON'T SKIM!!!!  Don't assume that it's filled out correctly!

Marketing Your Listing

After you get under contract... it's time for kickoff!

Live Listing Roleplay

Back to Basics of Marketing Your Listings

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How to Get the Correct Price

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20 Ways to Market Your Listings

After you get under contract... it's time for kickoff!

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE and the deadlines are windows for the buyer to get out. You want to close all the windows as fast as you can to keep the buyer in the contract! For example, get the HOA docs to the buyer ASAP because they get a free 3 day out after they receive them. If you've negotiated any repairs during an Option Period, also have the buyer check box 7 on the Amendment to close the Option Period.  Know these key deadlines and manage them closely!!!

Email Subject: Under Contract: 123 Main Street, Providence Village, TX 

TO: Title

CC: Transaction Coordinator, Buyer's Agent, Buyer's Agent Assistant if applicable


Good morning!  We are excited to announce that this property has gone under contract. Copied on this email is the buyer's agent and my transaction coordinator to keep communication open and help the transaction run smoothly. 

Please keep my Transaction Coordinator copied on all emails sent to me.

I have attached the copy of the fully executed contract. 

Survey status: ______________

Please order the title and HOA docs immediately to ensure a smooth closing.

Please contact buyer directly to give payment instructions for submitting Option Fee & Earnest Money as outlined per the contract.

Please return the contract receipt page after you have received funds from the buyer.

Here are the transaction contacts.

Listing Agent: me  469-555-1212

Seller 214-444-1212

Seller 214-444-1212

Transaction Coordinator:  Name    email   phone

Lender: name email  and phone

Buyer's Agent: John Doe   214-555-1212

Buyer's Agent Assistant: if applicable

Buyers:  Type Buyer Names here from contract

Please find the attached contract including the seller's disclosure, existing survey and notarized T-47 form.

Please order the title and HOA docs ASAP!

Things to note about the contract: 

1. Contract Acceptance/Effective Date:    /    / 2022

2. Earnest Money & Option Fee Due Date:    /    / 2022

3. Option Period Expires 5 PM on:    /    / 2022

4. Closing Date:   /    / 2022

5. Home Warranty:$   paid by seller

6. Closing Costs Paid by Seller: $

7. Lender Name

Lender Phone:

Lender Email: 

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Email Subject: Congratulations! You're Under Contract: 123 Main Street, Providence Village, TX 

TO: Client

CC: Transaction Coordinator


Good morning!  We are under contract and I am very excited to be a part of your journey. Here are the next steps so you know what to expect to make this process smooth and easy.  I have attached a fully executed copy of the contract for your records.