Spaces & Regus Office Suites

How to get a CFG Spaces Account

CFG has a special arrangement with Spaces, a sister company to Regus

Please reach out to C3 or Karen for information about using the space at our new Spaces facilities around the area.

You must have an account set up before you arrive.

How to get an eXp Regus Account

eXp has a special account with Regus Office Suites to allow for agents to use their common areas for FREE! This is a great place to meet with clients or other agents. Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces. Regus is where you can use an office for an hour/multiple hours/day, meeting room, print/fax services, etc.

Before you can use the service, you do need to register for an account. To sign-up for a Regus account, START HERE. The business lounges (common areas) and WIFI are paid for by eXp Realty and included with your eXp Realty “Enterprise Solutions” membership.

While agents are responsible for charges related to private office space, co-working areas, meeting rooms and additional services such as coffee, copies, etc... these must still be allocated to your eXp Realty “Enterprise Solutions” membership to receive eXp's contractual discount on booking fees which is 16%.


Rules for Using a Branch Office

These Regus offices are on file with TREC as branch offices as well as on file with some of the local MLS’ boards. No personal mail is to be sent to these offices. If you will use this as a business address please take time to go in and meet the staff and introduce yourself. (Take them cookies or donuts) Ask them what day of the week they send the mail to Austin. If you are expecting something delivered there and want them to hold it for you CALL THEM ahead of time and request they hold it.

ALL MAIL sent to the Regus office is subject to being opened by EXP so we can best know how to route the mail. Make sure your local lenders and vendors know to send your mail to the local Regus (especially around the holidays) otherwise it may be sent to the Austin address.