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REALTOR.COM aka OpCity is a 3rd party lead generation company. To be added to eXp Realty's Broker account with OpCity, please click the button above "opt-in to opcity"

If you need any assistance, please send an email to tx.broker@exprealty.net.

No upfront cost!  

Opcity only gets paid when you do, so their goals are completely aligned with ours. They will work hand in hand with you from introduction to close to set you up for success.

How it works

1. Fill out the form below, then you will receive an email from your broker with a link to enroll for Opcity

2. Complete the enrollment process, including Opcity’s agent video

3. Download the Opcity app

4. Get ready for your first referral by customizing your settings

5. You’re live! Opcity will now be matching you to new referral opportunities

To receive one-on-one coaching from Opcity's Agent Success Team, call 844.804.1849. The team offers coaching tips and strategies that will help agents succeed on the platform, as well as answer any questions or concerns. They're available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm CST.

For more information and training videos, please check out Opcity's Support Site:

Opcity How It Works Brochure 5 tips for improving your performance

For additional questions and support regarding Opcity:


If you have a general question, please email accountingsupport@opcity.com. 


You must go into the referral manager to Update the Status to "Closed" and fill in the closing information.


Please email all documentation to docs@opcity.com. Make sure your email follows the three guidelines listed below, as this will significantly reduce processing time.

You can find the Transaction ID from your online portal by going to Unpaid Closes, scrolling down to the table, and looking under the far right column under Transaction Details.

Please note: docs@opcity.com can ONLY receive documents and is not monitored for questions. 

You, as an agent in agreement with OpCity, will be required to pay Opcity a referral fee.

The fees, listed to the right, will be due from the GROSS Commission for Real Estate brokerage services and real estate agency services (including any bonuses and fees, but excluding any commissions from other real estate settlement services) received by the Broker on the client side of any and all real estate transactions involving the Referral for a period of twentyfour (24) months following the referral.

If the lead is in the "Client Rewards" program:

If the Closing Price is OVER $150,000

If the Closing Price is Under $150,000