Workplace by Facebook

What is Workplace by Facebook

Workplace is where eXp Agents and Staff communicate from around the world. We use it to share information, create workgroups, and ask for help from a variety of resources. You are only a click away from great advice from other agents around the globe! It's a great community! 

How is my Workplace different from my personal Facebook account?

Your Workplace account is a place for you to connect and collaborate with your coworkers, join groups related to your team or projects, and get company news and updates. Your personal account is for connecting with friends and family, and sharing moments from your life.

Your Workplace account is only visible to people at your company and is separate from your personal account. What you share to your Workplace account can only be seen by people in your company, and what you share to your personal account can only be seen based on your privacy settings.

Note: Your employer can not access your personal Facebook account if you're using Workplace, since the accounts are separate.

How do I access Workplace?

You can access it on the web and you can download the app on your Android from the Google Play Store or iOS device from the App Store.

Logging into Workplace

1. Click the blue Log In button from the Workplace screen

2. Enter the username and password you choose for your eXp Passport experience.

3. Complete the log in process to enjoy Workplace.

Here are the groups you should consider joining to get started:

Here is more helpful information about how to use Workplace

How to post in Workplace

How do I tag a coworker or group in a comment or post? 

When I post something from my Workplace account, who can see it? 

Why does Workplace limit the use of certain features and what are the limits? 

How do I log out of Workplace? 

How do I customize my email notification settings so I don't get bombarded with emails?

Workplace Email Notification Settings