eXp Relocation

eXp Relocation and eXp Affinity Business: What is the difference?

Relocation business is when people are moving due to a job related move.....they are being transferred by their company. Generally their employer pays for some or all of their move. We (eXp Relocation) work with ALL the relocation management companies that handle corporate moves.

Affinity business is learning how to drill down and capture the 9.8% of the US population that moves every single year. They move due to upsizing, downsizing, getting married, growing families, retiring, divorce, 2nd homes, etc, etc. So if 9.8% of all the people in your market area move every year, how much of that business are you currently handling?

How do you target and capture the 9.8% of your market area that moves EVERY SINGLE YEAR?

Let's look at it on a broader scale: if there are 335,443,383 legal residents in the USA as of Tuesday, October 18, 2022 and 9.8% of them move each year = over 32.8M moves every single year!!!

Our new Affinity training and certification is focused to train and show our agents how to target and capture these moves. This is where I see one of the biggest opportunities for our eXp agents to capture and grow business in your local markets. Stay tuned for more Affinity news here!

How do I get eXp Relocation Certified?

How do I get Affinity Certified?

Join us in 2023 as we will be bringing you the brand new Affinity Certification. 

For more information visit: https://exprealty.workplace.com/groups/exprelo