How to Find eXp Listings

Here's a quick to tutorial for how to search for eXp listings in MLS

Ready to do Open Houses? Start a custom search in MLS - Watch the video tutorial or follow the steps outlined below


2. Enter the search criteria


Status: Active & Coming Soon

Property Sub Type: Single Family, Condo, Townhome

Price: 250+

3. Add an Additional Field

Find List Office MLS ID in the left column of available fields, click on it, then click Add to move it to the right column.

Then click "Back"

4. Enter the List Office MLS ID

Note that you may want to set up both because sometimes a Fort Worth agent has listings in Dallas and sometimes Dallas agents have listings in Fort Worth. 

PXE01C for Dallas agents listings

XPTY00F for Fort Worth agent listings



5. Up at the top of the Criteria area, switch to the Map tab

Now you can click on the Draw Polygon and outline the area that you want to cover to narrow your search. Click until you complete the whole shape and it will look something like this.

6. Scroll down to the bottom below the map and click on "New Saved Search"

Now enter your search name. Use ALL CAPS so that it's easy to find.

Add yourself as a Contact for the search

Check the box to "Enable as Favorite Search" on the Home tab to make it easy to find later

Now when you click on the ntreis logo to go back to your Dashboard, you can see this in your favorite search list and it's easy to get to