Team Builders

Application, Onboarding & More

Hey Team Builders! Here is some helpful information for you!!!  Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! 

Please note that when you bring an agent on, you are 100% responsible to onboard and support them. As part of the Revenue Sharing Model, they will be your first line agent and this is part of your business plan. To earn Revenue Share from agents below you, you must be the one to provide the value. We are allowing you to use the CFG Mega Icon Team as a vehicle for doing that, but you will be their mentor and guide if you take on the responsibility of sponsoring another agent. If you do not want to take on that responsibility, Cliff does offer a referral program to have agents join the team and name Cliff Freeman, Jr. as sponsor during the join app. Ask me about that in advance. Once they have named you as their sponsor on the exp join application, you cannot change the sponsor!!!

- Rachel


When you are adding agents around you, be sure that the people you are putting in your sphere are people you know, like and trust and people who have a reasonable chance at succeeding in real estate. There are some tried and true methods for vetting agents to see if they will be a good fit for the industry.  Especially when taking on NEW agents, it's more important than ever to ensure that the agent will have the personality to succeed otherwise you are going to pour a lot of time into training and mentoring someone who may just not be a fit for this carerer in sales.  

Agents who are not strong in sales or very good at working independently will really struggle to follow through on the tasks required to be successful in real estate, which as you know is a 100% commission business. The people you bring in should have the mindset of business owners, not employees. This business is not for the faint of heart or people who are looking for work tasks.

People who are not strong will require a huge time commitment from you and they might not ever be able to survive in a self-employed business environment.  

Here is some information that is really helpful about using a DISC profile.

Take our Team DISC profile for FREE

Watch this VIDEO for how to research agent production in MLS


In addition to your top producing agents, be sure to look for builders and influencers who will help build your downline!!!! Help them understand the model and get them on a three-way call with someone who does. 

New agents are easy to get to join, BUT they are very time intensive and have no proven track record. If you find a rockstar new agent, please make sure you are intentional with your time and understand that you will be their mentor. We NEVER want an agent to join the company and our team only to have a bad experience with no guidance, leadership, or training. That's just not allowed!

We have lots of training videos and resources!


The biggest benefits to joining the Cliff Freeman Group Mega Icon team is something they won't get anywhere else.  When they join our team, they will have an 80/20 split with eXp every year with a reduced eXp cap. That means after a few deals, they will have paid their cap of company dollar to eXp and they will be at a 100% commission with eXp!  After that, eXp will only charge a $75 transaction fee (instead of $250 for normal exp capping fees). All transactions will also have the normal $25 Broker Review Fee and $40 Risk Management fee. 

Most importantly, the agents on the team are invited to all of our weekly training calls and our mastermind events! Check out the calendar! They are also welcome to enroll in our coaching training at to build out their business the right way.

We provide a lot of training, resources, and software accounts to members of our team to help them grow their business. We are 100% about supporting agents and helping them reach new heights. We want agents in the CFG Family who understand and support our Core Values for eXp and CFGWe are not "just about recruiting" we are most focused on partnering with agents in our community to grow their real estate business.


Do not talk about or promise an agent leads from The Cliff Freeman Group.  All CFG leads are given out at the sole discretion of the managers. No agents are automatically accepted into the CFG lead program. They will be evaluated for performance, must pass our performance assessment test, and may not be a newly licensed agent. Agents who do not have a track record of closing deals are not eligible for CFG leads. They are just too expensive to have missed opportunities with someone who can't get the deal converted into a closed sale. Conversion is of utmost importance!

CFG leads are limited to the agents who are directly sponsored by Cliff Freeman. Only agents sponsored by Cliff Freeman are allowed be in lead rotation for any leads from CFG. An agent sponsored by Cliff Freeman can accept a lead (Zillow, CCS or otherwise) and then work together with an agent they directly sponsor to serve the client. However, the original agent must stay involved in the transaction and is responsible for the outcome of the accepted leads including attending all lead accountability meetings, updating the CRM, etc. 

Agents who accept leads must still follow all of the procedures in the team agreement for splits, etc. If an agent works a lead with another agent, the CFG lead % split stays the same and the agents will split the remainder. For example, on team leads, CFG gets the agreed % amount and the other agents working together can agree to split the remaining %. The agent is responsible for paying any expenses such as Transaction Coordinator, consumer rebates, etc. not the team.


Plugging agents into the larger CFG team meetings will give them a sense that they are part of the bigger group and they have resources to lean on. Even if you are having mini-team meetings or one-on-one meetings, it's helpful to make sure they know that they belong to something bigger. No one wants to be out on their own deserted island by themselves! There's a lot of value being shared in our team meetings & trainings as well as in the eXp World. Lean on that training to support you in helping them grow and to help them to be resourceful!

During ONBOARDING, it will be very helpful to you to plug them into the team resources and leverage them to help you support the agents.


Just so that we are all on the same page, if you are planning to help an agent apply to the company and be sponsored by you, here is what needs to happen. 

STEP 1. JOIN APP - Get on Zoom and walk them through the application (aka the "join app"). Make sure they identify you as a sponsor. When you get to the question about joining as an individual agent or a Team, select Team and type in "The Cliff Freeman Group"

CRITICAL NOTE: The reason why you want to do this over a Zoom call is so that you can watch them fill the application out, make sure they choose YOU as the sponsor and answer any questions that comes up during the application process. Some agents have been known to make a mistake in the process of selecting the sponsor and exp will NOT allow for sponsorship changes later! They have one chance to get this right!

They will need a credit card to pay the $149 fee that covers the application and first month of tech fees then in month 2 it will be $85/month

They will need their checking account info so that they can put that into the ICA for direct deposits (rental commissions, referrals, etc.)

STEP 2. LICENSE TRANSFER While you are still on the Zoom call, the next step is to get them through the license transfer request process at TREC as soon as you complete the join app so that they are not hung up in that process. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

Detailed Instructions showing how to transfer the license:  CLICK HERE

Let them know that they will start getting emails from exp and they will also need to watch for such as the acceptance by the brokers, signed copy of the ICA, etc. 

In the coming days, they will receive a document via Hellosign to sign with the eXp team agreement (Subject starts with "eXp Realty - TX - Mega Icon Team Member Packet") and then a second document via Docusign for them to sign with the CFG team agreement. (Just like the ones you signed)

STEP 3. TEAM NOMINATION FORM  After you finish the Zoom call, to help us keep keep track and prevent mystery agents show up in our onboarding list from eXp compliance, please note that the first step in the Onboarding document is to fill out the TCFG nomination form. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

Start here:

STEP 4. MENTOR PROGRAM If the agent has closed fewer than 3 transactions in the last 12 months, eXp will automatically opt them into the eXp Mentor Program. They will be sent a document to sign that puts them into the mentor program. They must sign this document to get through the onboarding process, HOWEVER, as soon as they are added to the team, they will be removed from the eXp mentor program.

STEP 5. ADD TO WEBSITE  Next, send Jenny ( an email with their name and headshot so we can add them to the team website after they are fully licensed with exp.


After they do the application process and they are accepted into eXp, they will need to sign TWO team agreements. Upon sending them out, Rachel will send an email to the agent and copy the sponsor.  The second email is your trigger to begin onboarding and will also initiate some processes on our back end to add them to the CFG systems and resources like Altos, CFG texts & emails, etc.

Here are the two emails:


EXP Team Agreements - Please look for TWO emails to e-sign

Hi! We are so excited that you are joining the team. An important step in joining the team is signing the two agreements that are required for adding agents to our team.  (If you are a new agent and you were required to sign Mentor Program paperwork, this step will get you opted out of the program as well.)

Please look for an email via hellosign to sign the last paperwork to join the team. I'm unable to resend it because it is still in an automatic email reminder process.

Here are the two email subjects:

1. Please DocuSign: TCFG-Team-Agreement.pdf

2. eXp Realty - US TX - Mega Icon Team Member Packet - Cliff Freeman Group


Welcome to The Cliff Freeman Group!!!!

Hi! We are so glad you joined the team. Your team paperwork is all signed and processed now, so I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our team resources!  All the contact information is pictured below.

You are in a great place because not only have you partnered with eXp Realty, but you have joined two amazing groups that will help you grow your business!  You've joined the Make Dallas Home Team which is part of The Cliff Freeman Group (aka CFG).

YOUR TEAM NAME - {SPONSOR} is your team leader. Her many years of experience makes her a great mentor and guide. She knows all the ins and outs of exp. She's your go to for everything you need to grow your business. She will be helping you get through your onboarding and first few weeks at eXp to make sure you have a super smooth transition. 

CFG Team Leaders, Cliff Freeman, CEO and Rachel Cahill, COO - with decades of experience, Cliff and Rachel run the Mega Icon Team called the Cliff Freeman Group. This group gives you access to many resources such as training, weekly team meetings on Zoom and the MegaeXpansion Success Coaching System. Cliff and Rachel are both brokers and their passion is helping agents grow. In addition to the resources provided by Lynn, you'll also be getting communication directly from CFG as well. Don't ignore those messages!  

Success Lending, Chris Myers is our partner LO with Success Lending. Success Lending is a joint venture with eXp and so when Success does deals, it helps the company grow, including your stock! Together we all win. Success recently announced the eXp Buyer's Best program where the buyer is getting $1500 in closing costs when you do a deal with Success. Chris is an amazing resource and has saved a lot of deals that other lenders botched up for members of our team. 


As you are onboarding your new sponsored agents, remember that the first two weeks after an agent joins is super critical for retention. If they have a bad start, they will likely not stick around. The CFG Guide to Onboarding Checklist will help you replicate what we do for our onboarding process so you can make your agent's onboarding experience smooth as silk and they get a great first impression of eXp!  I always tell them that the first two weeks will be a little bumpy, but we will be right by their side to get them through it and on the other side are all the amazing benefits of eXp and CFG!  

We are available to answer your questions that come up during your agent's onboarding process, but please be mindful of the time and PLEASE be the primary point of contact for your new agent. If you are going to sponsor agents, this is your business to invest in and you are partnering with your sponsored agent. We are partnering with you to give you the resources to grow your numbers faster, but we need you to help support your agents. 


The first two weeks are going to be bumpy, so you REALLLLLLY need to stick by their side to help them feel like they made a great choice to join eXp. You are their ambasador!!!


Agents who have completed less than 3 transactions in the previous 12 months are considered a new agent under exp guidelines. Because they are on the Mega Icon Team, they will be mentored by the agent who is their sponsor and will not be allowed to be placed into the eXp Expand Mentor Program. CFG will provide group training, but transactional mentoring is your responsibility for your sponsored agents. 

IF you do not want to be an eXp Certified Mentor, then you should not add them to the CFG Mega Icon Team. CFG will not be mentoring your sponsored agents. If you want your agent to be enrolled in the eXp Mentor program, then they can be enrolled by special request, but they will need to pay the eXp eXpand Mentor Program fees.

As their mentor, lean on the tools like and the First 100 Days document to help you through. Make them attend the Wednesday training at 11 AM on Zoom.

On the deals that you are mentoring them on, if you choose to be compensated for your mentoring time, you will want to set up a split agreement with your mentee on the deal and be added as a Co-Agent in Skyslope. Neither CFG or eXp will NOT be paying for your mentoring time, so you must collect this from your agent directly on the transaction as a Co-Agent. Usually, it will be a 20% split to you as their mentor, but that's between you and your mentee.

Again, the idea is that we never want to leave a new agent unsupervised and unsupported! 

Teach them how to be resourceful by teaching them how to: 

Here are some of our mentor training resources in this folder.