Follow Up Boss (FUB) CRM Training

Welcome to the Follow Up Boss CRM Training Page!  We are excited to bring you into a great CRM system that will allow you the tools and resources to track your leads quickly and easily!

 ************ If you need technical support or quick help, the FUB Support Team can be reached at or 855-622-5311. ************

FUB Agent Onboarding Training

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Here are the presentation slides used in the video above

TCFG + FUB Onboarding and Basic Training 2.0

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Training & Guidelines

Module 1. Getting Started with FUB

Connect your email from My Settings on the computer. Here is the guide on how to connect your email. 

We recommend enabling all notification types so you never miss a new lead alert or text reply from your contacts. More here:

        5.  Set up your daily workflow: Use Smart Lists to find people you need to follow up with. 

Module 2. CFG + FUB Fundamentals 

Smart Lists aka “The Timeline”

At the very top of the screen in Follow Up Boss, you’ll find the “People” tab. When you click on “People”, it brings you to your Smart Lists in Follow Up Boss. We created these lists to represent the journey a lead takes from the top of the funnel to becoming a Past Client. The main objective is to help you keep your contacts organized and focus on the activities that matter the most.

Contact Record Template

See the images below and the Contact Record Template video tutorial showing you how to organize the layout for your contact records in FUB. Below, you’ll see how to change the layout of your contact records’ left and right-side panels. 

Place the tiles on the left sidebar in the following order:

Place the tiles on the right sidebar in the following order:

Share your email communication with leads. 

Our Team Leads will be shared, collaborated on, and reassigned many times while it exists in our database. You must turn on this feature so anyone who might have to take over the lead can pick up right where you left off. The system automatically logs all of your activity related only to the contacts you have in FUB. You can read more about Email Privacy in FUB in this article. See the images below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to activate your email sharing. 

The 5 main actions in FUB required by all TCFG agents

We wanted to create an easy to use system that would take all the guesswork out of the management and organization of your active database. However, no matter how easy we design the system, it’ll always require the agent to work on the system consistently. These are the 5 crucial actions that we need from our agents on the team to complete in FUB: 

TCFG + FUB Do’s & Don’ts

Module 3. How to use lead "Stages"

Here’s an outline of the Lead Stages you’ll find and when to use each:

Module 4. How to use Smart Lists, Background & Custom Fields

You will notice that the stages correspond to the Smart Lists. As you change the Contact stage, this will move the Contact into the corresponding Smart List. 

The purpose of these lists is to help you (the agent) stay organized and to help the admin team keep track of the leads’ progress. Depending on which Smart List the Contact is located will determine how you’ll approach and interact with the lead.

Use the background section to keep relevant information about the lead you want to keep quickly accessible.  

We ask that you complete the Custom Field section as much as possible regardless if a Contact ever falls into one of the Stages.  Be sure to hit the GREEN check mark to save the field selection.

Module 5. How to use the "Deals" section

The Deals Section

This is where the rubber meets the road. TCFG must keep track of our numbers. We need our agents to enter the required information in the Deals section so we can do so.  By the way, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition amongst the agents. By completing the Deals Section and making it all the way to “Closed” in the pipeline, you can make your way up the leaderboard and earn yourself some bragging rights by making it to the podium. 

Check out this video tutorial showing how to complete the Deals section.

Complete the Deals section every time you get a transaction in pending status and don’t forget to update it once the deal closes. 

This is really important to complete in order to track the number of closed transactions from the team-generated leads. 

Enter the type of client and the status of the deal.

Price: The sale price of the property.

Commission: Enter the total GCI (before any splits) for your side of the deal. 

Close Date: Enter the actual Close Date of the deal. 

People: All the names of the buyers or sellers you represented in the transaction. 

Team: Be sure to include the CCS team member if this was an opportunity procured by the CCS team.

Description: Enter any information you may deem necessary here. 

Module 6. Transferring Leads From/To Client Care Services CCS

Transferring Leads to Client Care Services (CCS)

The two main reasons you want to transfer a lead to the Client Care Service team (CCS) are: 

***IMPORTANT*** Every agent should take inventory of their funnel and only keep the contacts they are actively working with under the following stages: 

Appendix. Zillow Premier Agent (PA) Integration

Follow these instructions for a quick and easy setup: 

Two Minute Setup

1. Login to Zillow Premier Agent ( and click "Settings" in the menu under your picture.

2. Click "Connect to My CRM" and then "Continue to Connect My CRM"

3. Click "Add Partner"

4. Select 'Follow Up Boss' as the partner.

5. Enter the email address you use to login to Follow Up Boss as the Partner ID:

6. Click Save and you should now see the status as Active.

When you receive a Zillow Connections call and have completed the Zillow Tech Connect integration with Follow Up Boss, all of your new Zillow leads will be seamlessly added to your FUB account. 

Here are some best practices when working with a new Zillow Connection lead and the communication moving forward. 

Video Tutorials

Set up your Contact Record Layout

Contact Record Template

Deal Section = Short Tutorial

Connect Zillow to FUB 

FUB Resource Center Intro

Transferring a Lead to The Client Care Services Team 

1. Type in a detailed note so we know what you know.

2. Select the Nurture type - Transfer to CCS then click the check to save it

3. Tell us why they are moving to Nurture in the Nurture Disposition, then click the check to save it.

4. Change the stage to Nurture!  Now it moves automatically to CCS!