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Weekly Training & Meetings

All meetings are held in Zoom to allow busy agents to come together more often from all over DFW!

Wednesday - 10 AM CST - Conversion University Role Play Group Live Zoom (paid for by CFG)

Thursday - 10 AM CST - Workman Success Role Play Group Live Zoom (paid for by CFG)

Friday - 12 PM CST - Team Meeting - Mindset and Training offered every week to the team Live Zoom

The Zoom links are different for every meeting, so the best way to always know when to be where is to have our calendar synchronized into your calendar. Then your calendar will always be up to date with any changes made to the meeting schedule, which RARELY occur unless there is a live event to replace it.

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Maui Mastermind Jan 28-Feb 4, 2024:

Mar 04 -09 2024:


EXPCon: October 2-5 2022 Register at eXpCON + Hotel

July 10-12 2023: Build Growth Summit

May 17-20, 2023: Shareholder Summit

May 2023: Shareholder Summit

March 27-April 1 2023: Cabo Mastermind

Maui 2023 - January 2023


EXPCon: October 11-14 2022   Register at eXpCON  +  Hotel

Dec 11-18, 2022: CFG Professional Development Cruise

July 30: CFG Listing Bootcamp

Aug 23-25 2022: Build Growth Summit

Tahoe 2022

July 24-27: Girls With Grit Beach Fest

June 19-21 2022: Shareholder Summit

Glenn Bill Source of Sales Event - March 30-31, 2022

SOLD OUT March 6-11 2022: Cabo Mastermind

Dominate your market with HER!  Attend for a day filled with incredible women speakers followed by live music and happy hour!

Mega International Development Cruise: Jan 30- Feb 6, 2022