Download eXp World

Download eXp World Intercom on your phone.

(Note: eXp World Intercom on phone is listen only. No visual)


Then explore the world where you can...

2023 Update Your Avatar!

Here's a quick walk through video of how to set up your new avatar.

Rachel gives a quick video walk-through of eXp World

Create a Guest Pass for a Friend

Any agent that is active with eXp Realty (not in the joining process) has the ability to invite a guest

This can be done on any of the following -


2. - The invite a guest widget is located on the home page under technology solutions

3. - Use your eXp email & passport password when signing in

This is a 2 week guest pass ONLY.

You will need to create a new one after the original has expired.

These are good for assistants and other visitors that need access to eXpWorld.

It will also provide them access to is a great source of information including hours of operation for the different departments and their emails.

C3 and Rachel attend a meeting in the World