How-To Resources for TCs

Who is Alyssa?  

You may see or getting copied on emails or interacting with your transactions.

Alyssa is my assistant. As a team, we are responsible for ensuring that our pipeline is getting managed properly. Her role is to coordinate with eXp as needed or help out with basic things. She is NOT a transaction coordinator; instead, she manages our team pipeline. 

For example, one requirement is to ensure the transactions are closed out within 48 hours. eXp has a compliance policy: after closing, the Final Signed Closing Disclosure, copy of eXp Commission check, and copy of Agent Commission checks are uploaded into Skyslope within 48 hours. Alyssa will contact you or the title company directly to help get those PDFs if they haven't been uploaded in time to keep us in compliance. She is on our team. She's not trying to overstep or get in the middle, but if we don't hear from you or the agent, then she'll go to the title company directly to help out.

She's also a great resource if you need any other help!

Transaction Coordinator 1099s 

Transaction Coordinators are usually paid at closing, and you'll see the information sent to the title company on the CDA, but it is a pass-through on behalf of the agent.  It's the agent that's paying your TC fee, not eXp.  Therefore, the agent should be getting a 1099 to you, and you will not be getting a 1099 from eXp. 

Transaction Coordinator Fees

Occasionally, there are times when the TC fee is not paid at closing. For example, some builders require that ALL commissions be paid to the brokerage and not split up by the title company. If that happens, eXp will get 100% of the commission at closing. After closing, eXp will pay the agent the commission they are owed. The agent will be responsible for paying your TC fee to you directly outside of the closing.

The same thing goes for leases. There is no title company, so the commission is paid 100% to eXp, and then eXp pays the agent. The agent would then need to pay you directly.