How to Request a CDA

How to Get Paid at eXp

Caps & Splits: All agents at eXp Realty receive an 80/20 commission split until they reach their cap. For example, if an agent is on a $16,000 cap, that means $16,000 paid in Gross Commission (GCI) to exp out of the 20%. Every anniversary, the cap resets. If you joined on June 14th, then your cap would start over at $0 again on July 1st. 

Here's how it plays out. If the agent earns $80k GCI, then they will pay 20% of that to the company which will be $16k. At that time, the agent is considered "capped," and for the remainder of the year until their join date anniversary, they will be earning 100% commission minus a capped transaction fee, risk management fee, and broker fee. An agent who is on a team might have different cap percentages.

Risk Management Fee: Many real estate agents are familiar with the term “errors and omissions.” At eXp Realty, we call this the risk management fee. The risk management fee varies by country, but it is $40 for each transaction in the US. Once a real estate agent hits $500 in risk management fees paid for the year, the agent will no longer pay risk management fees for the remainder of the anniversary year. 

Broker Review Fee: All US agents pay a $25 real estate broker review fee per transaction. This fee does not cap. For agents in Canada, this fee is $29 per transaction. 

Exemption for Personal Deals: Agents at eXp Realty don't have to pay the brokerage's standard 20% commission on their first three personal transactions each year. (Personal, meaning the agent is the buyer or the seller.) The $250 transaction charge, $40 risk management fee, and $25 broker review fee are all that an agent will have to pay on a personal deal. Only deals in which the eXp Realty agent's name appears on the contract are considered personal transactions.

Step 1: Create a Complete Skyslope File 

In order to request a Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA) to send to the title or closing company, you must have your SkySlope file completed with accurate and compliant information and documents. 

During the transaction process, you will be uploading documents required for the file type selected for the transaction. Your CSS (Compliance & Settlement Specialist) and Managing Broker will be working on reviewing your uploaded documents. 

COMPLIANCE NOTE: Skyslope files must be started within 48 hours of signing a listing agreement or getting a buyer under contract.

Step 2: The Broker Staff Automatically Creates the CDA

A week or so before closing at the latest, your file will be reviewed for compliance and the CDA will be generated. Be sure you're periodically checking your Skyslope file for notes from your CSS or Managing Broker on missing, incomplete or non-compliant items so the DA can be issued in time for the closing. 

Once your file is approved as complete and compliant, your CSS will initiate the eXp Realty Disbursement Authorization to the title or closing company you have entered on the Contacts tab in SkySlope. 

The CSS will also simultaneously be sending a copy to you at the same time they send to title/closer. 



Each state has it's own compliance staff.

In Texas, if you have a question for your CSS or Broker about your file, OR if the file is due to close and you have not received a Disbursement Authorization, please send an email request to: - or - visit the Texas broker room


You can see your CDA once completed on the CHECKLIST tab in Skyslope

Click on the LOG tab in Skyslope to see who prepared your CDA if you need corrections made to it. It will be someone@exprealty.NET (The .net indicates they are corporate staff)

Step 3: Reading Your CDA & Checking the Numbers

You can check the breakdown in Enterprise

Watch this video for instructions -->

<< Go to then login with your Okta login. Click on My Business then click on Transactions Overview.  It will take you to the screen where you can look up your transaction.

You should get a copy of the CDA via email from the transaction coordinator that they send automatically to the title company. 

As a backup, I would also forward the email with the CDA attached to the title company. You will also need to tell the title company how to pay you whether it's via wire or sending a check to your address.

Below, you will see a copy of what the CDA looks like and you can check the numbers to make sure it makes sense.

How to View Your Commission Breakdown

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