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"Don't be a hoarder" - whenever you have a closing, put 20% of your earnings back into your marketing.

We don't want you to only work team leads. We want you to do what we do so you can build your own. The way you provide for your family is what you close out of your own leads. Company leads are only to supplement.

Don't go after first time home buyers right now in the current market (Nov 2022). They'll wear you out. Go after move-up buyers, etc. that can afford to buy right now in the current market conditions with higher rates and prices still being inflated


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1. Customize your Altos Account

2. Facebook ads via Altos Research 

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Training on Youtube:

1. kvCORE Core Property Boost (not "Enterprise")

The really cool thing about letting kvCORE manage your leads is that about 90% of your ad spend goes toward your ads.

DO NOT USE "MAKING IT RAIN" because it only puts 50% of your ad spend toward your ads. The rest goes to software

Learn the "nurturing" through the Smart Campaigns with the right scripts!

2. Lead Engine - generate leads in kvCORE

"Build squeeze page"

Watch the video and follow along. Listen closely to ensure that you don't fall into any of the potholes mentioned.