Agent Stocks & Finances

At eXp, we offer agents the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in our company and celebrate the company’s financial success. 

Agents can enroll to be paid a small percentage of their commissions in stock at a discounted price through the Agent Equity Program.  

Agents have the opportunity to earn stock awards through our Agent Growth Incentive Program.  

Country-specific summaries of the tax consequences and certain other issues associated with equity compensation:

Agent Equity Program 

Stock Awards (restricted stock units)

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All Transactions Must be Uploaded into Skyslope

How to View or Download My Transaction Report

How Do I Check my Equity Program/Agent Equity Awards in Enterprise?

If you would like to check your Agent Equity Awards, follow the steps below:

If you have elected to participate in the Agent Equity Program and have accumulated an amount of $250.00 or greater in commissions to be paid via stock, the issued shares will be reported through the Last Update Date and on an ongoing monthly basis.

Stocks are reconciled monthly and deposited into your Morgan Stanley account toward the end of the month following your transactions.

To check or edit your stock selections, please send an email to 

eXp World Holdings, Inc has partnered with Shareworks by Morgan Stanley for the management and administration of its equity plans. Shareworks is available to all agents with stock awards and participating in the Agent Equity Program.  North America 877 380 7793   8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (ET) 

Online Support Guide 

As your stock plan service provider, Morgan Stanley at Work is your primary resource for managing your stock plan participation. To enhance your stock plan experience, your Shareworks account will be linked to an E*TRADE brokerage account and integrated with your stock plan.      (866) 842-0657

Shares acquired as a result of vested stock awards, or issuances through the Agent Equity Program, prior to November 1, 2019 are held in agent accounts at Broadridge, eXp's transfer agent. 

American and Canadian agents can opt into the Agent Equity Program by following the link below and fill out the form electing to opt in. If you are able, please use your eXp email as it guarantees that we can locate the correct profile immediately. 

How to check your stocks and stock purchases

You won't see the stocks broken out as a line item on a CDA because it's not something the title company needs to know about. What you will see is the 5% purchase deducted from the net net GCI.  In the example below, the example on the left (green) shows that the agent is enrolled in the program and how that is deducted on the CDA.  The column on the right is for an agent that is not enrolled in the stock purchase program and there is no deduction on the CDA.

To check or edit your stock selections, please send an email to OR CALL 833-303-0610 

The eXpert Care Team is available to assist with general inquiries about eXp's stock programs.

Mon – Fri 8am – 11pm ET

Sat & Sun 8am – 8pm ET

The screenshots below are our "CDA Checker" spreadsheet vs the corresponding official CDA pictured just below it.

Watch this video to learn how to see how many stock awards you earned on a transaction.

Watch this video for how to see your Morgan Stanley Shareworks account once stock awards have been processed.