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Information About Teams

U.S. Domestic Teams (married couples)

eXp Realty provide legally married couples in the U.S. the option of a Domestic Team structure. It includes:

Self-Organized Teams, Standard Teams, and Mega Teams

These teams are defined as:

Team agreements are mutually agreed upon terms between the team leader and team members. These agreements are in writing and carefully considered to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws as well as company policy. eXp Realty will not intervene in any disputes between team members and team leaders.

How commissions are calculated  - SEE EXAMPLES BELOW

Self-organized Team

This team structure is almost like a referral partnership or a co-op. This is the most common way that team leaders start. 

Standard Team

This model is probably what most people think of when they think of a real estate team, with team splits and formal leadership from the team leader.

Mega Team

This is the team structure you would look at if you were looking to be a substantial team of 10 or more. The Mega Team provides a way to help your agents lower their costs while enhancing the value proposition for you as the team leader. 

Examples of a team commission breakdown

* Capped transaction fee reduces to $75 for mega teams and any agent whose capped transaction fees total $5,000 or more.

Example #1:

• 50/50 split between the team leader and team member (after eXp fees)

• Neither the team leader or team member are capped

• Transaction with $10,000 gross commission

Example #2:

• 50/50 split between the team leader and team member

• Team leader is capped

• Team member is not capped

• Transaction with $10,000 gross commission