Your new website - yes, you have a free customizable website!

Unless you've purchased a "vanity domain" from kvCORE your URL will look like this 

https://firstlast.exprealty.com    (example: https://rachelcahill.exprealty.com)

You also have your own personal app to give to consumers. Get them off of Zillow and the other apps. Keep them right in your CRM!

https://firstlast.exprealty.com/holp/app     (example:  https://rachelcahill.exprealty.com/holp/app)

kvCORE Customization


We have partnered with Sandy Marshall at Real Estate Website Setup to help you customize your kvCORE website to reflect your own personal brand, personal logo, etc. You can even bring in Zillow reviews, Instagram feeds, etc.

Contact them at: https://www.realestatewebsitesetup.com/

Here are some videos to help you:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqLemu6wMS_3lzeyasKRSbA



TIP: To Refresh your kvCORE site after making changes, enter this after your domain name


Get Started with kvCORE

IDX Activation Email - esign

You must sign the IDX authorization. Watch for an email with the subject "Reminder to sign document "0037-North Texas Real Estate Info systems (NTREIS)"

If you don't sign it, your website will not be activated and will not show listings.

Using Your Own Custom URLs/Vanity Domains

Your website will automatically be firstlast.exprealty.com, but if you want to use your own URL, you have two options for your kvCORE website.

For example:
www.sellwithsally.homes  automatically flips to      sallysmith.exprealty.com

Click here for instructions on how to forward a domain in GoDaddy.

***WARNING Some domain hosts have the option for "forwarding with masking". This option is to be avoided at all costs. The general idea in this instance is that the Agent will ensure their custom or personalized URL will always be visible in the address bar when a user or lead is browsing their site. However, when this is enabled, the agent's subdomain is actually embedded into an empty website. It causes all of the lead capture functions, mobile functionality, and other features of the kvCORE website to be disabled.

So, wherever you see the option to forward your custom domain, be sure to select regular forwarding, not forwarding with masking.