Lead Conversion Strategies

Hey Team!  Cliff and I were talking and we wanted to share some reminders with you about how to grow your business. Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal and get selling as we head into another competitive buying season! 

               If you missed my other email, here's why now is the time to buy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrJVIrUTgGg

Most agents say, "I need more leads. I need more leads. I need more leads" or "I need better leads," but the problem isn't with the leads; it's with the agent's commitment to convert.

ARE YOU TREATING YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A BUSINESS?  If you were a business owner hiring someone, would you hire you?

In a magical world, you get a lead, and somehow they get the desire to buy a house, and they say, "Oh, let me find that super helpful agent who's been sending me emails for the last 3 months and call them. Is there a number I can call?"  However, in the real world, they're going to go elsewhere to find an agent like Zillow, Facebook groups, or ask a friend. How do YOU get the deal?  You gotta convert the lead!

Let's face it, most buyers are starting their home search online, but the challenge is that they are not going to ONLY one site. They are going to all the sites thinking that they all have different selections, but they don't.  Now they are not going to get connected to just one agent as a lead, but lots of agents. You can see this in the annual NAR Profile of Buyers & Sellers report. They don't understand that when they fill out a form to look at a property or save it, they are all of a sudden someone's "hot lead" and they're being sold to a bunch of agents. 

What can YOU do to ensure that you are the agent who gets the connection and the loyalty to get the deal?

Let's talk about Lead Generation

What are you doing to generate leads? YOU MUST WORK THE BASICS!  

OPEN HOUSES are an amazing way to generate leads and meet people face to face!

We have a whole training guide for how to run a rockstar open house!  https://www.clifffreeman.info/agent-how-to/how-to-open-houses

OH!!!! Did you see the post this afternoon in our Slack channel for one of our team member's listing that needs an open house this weekend?  Who's going to get the opportunity?

1) SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT AND JOIN CFG ON SLACK   https://join.slack.com/t/theclifffreemangroup/shared_invite/zt-1rjy0lq2u-Chr2hIOWFwcS0iBreu8D0w

2) FIND THE POST IN THE AGENT SLACK CHANNEL   https://theclifffreemangroup.slack.com/?redir=%2Farchives%2FC02B6K25AD6

.......It's a great channel where agents on the team are helping other agents!

DOOR KNOCKING works!  Yes, knocking on doors works. Just ask some of our agents who are doing it and getting listings and buyers from it. It works! Here is our training and scripts for door-knocking!

FACEBOOK LEADS work! We have a dedicated staff member named Sugar and he will get your ad campaigns set up for you. You don't even need to know how to do anything except convert your leads! Book your appointment with Sugar today. 

>>>> If you haven't already done so, generate your own Facebook leads with our FB Ad specialist, Sugar https://calendly.com/sugar-cfg/fb-ad

SOCIAL MEDIA is good if you are very consistent and learn how to do it. That said, it's not going to get you immediate business.

You can get started by setting up your social media profiles

FSBOs and EXPIREDS need you!!!!  

Call with a system like RedX or Mojo or Vulcan7.  Once you get comfortable, you can even use a "triple dialer" that calls 3 people at one time to make the calling periods go faster and skip the no-answer calls. https://www.redx.com/affiliate/diamond-discount/

Ricky Caruth is a rockstar and has free training here: https://zerotodiamond.com/courses/

Let's talk about Lead Conversion

MARATHON MENTALITY: When calling internet leads, remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. 

It takes about 15-18 calls to really make that connection happen. So, make those calls a non-negotiable part of your day. And keep in mind, it's all about timing – not just what works for us, but when our leads are most likely to pick up.  Aim for 4-6 PM. This is prime time to catch leads. Mornings? 8:30-11:00 AM is your sweet spot. People might be looking to distract themselves before getting into the grind of their workday. It’s key to call at different times. Say, I called you at 9:30 AM today, and you didn't pick up. Next time, I'll try at 1:30 PM. Still no luck? I'm not giving up. I'll switch it up again and call you between 5 and 6 PM next. This way, we're playing into different parts of your day, increasing our chances of catching you at a good time. It’s all about adapting to THEIR schedule, not just sticking to OURS. This flexible strategy is a game-changer in connecting with leads. 

Try to call several times and then send a text with only their first name in the text and nothing more?   If they reply, call them!!!!!

If you get their voicemail, use the voicemail script found here:  It's pure GOLD!!!! 



Here are some things to focus on to convert leads.


Get the marbles out of your mouth!  CFG is paying for access to roleplay training for you!!!!

Here are 4 training opportunities!!!!!

Conversion University

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MegaeXpansion-WSS Role Play Session

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and of course we have our weekly team meeting where we are sharing all the latest tips, tips and tactics!

CFG Weekly Team Meeting:: www.ZoomWithCFG.com

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