How To - Cancel a Listing

To cancel a listing, the easiest process is to follow these steps:

Cancel a Transaction or Withdraw a Listing

Cancel a Transaction

Sometimes, deals fall through. Buyers back out. When this happens, you’re going to want to cancel your Transaction. The guide below will show you how to cancel your SkySlope transaction.

Learn How to Cancel a Transaction

Withdraw a Listing

If you’ve created a Listing within SkySlope that didn’t sell and your sellers didn’t renew the Listing Agreement, most likely you will need to withdraw your Listing. When you withdraw your Listing, it will be moved to a “cancelled pending approval” status, which means you’re waiting for an admin to approve the cancellation and move it into the Cancelled Contracts section of SkySlope. This guide will show you how to withdraw your Listing.

Learn How to Withdraw a Listing