ZipForms Setup

We're here to set you up for success at eXp!

Texas Templates to Setup Zipforms in 10 minutes!!!!

Quit wasting time in ZipForms!  Optimize!!!!

These templates are optimized to allow you to handle buyer, seller and rental clients with no sweat!  Stop fumbling around looking for forms!  Simply follow the instructions below to import and you are ready to go!

This includes having your Texas IABS updated properly.

How to move existing buyers to eXp

Instructions for how to update your existing clients to eXp - do this only if you have release from your previous brokerage

How to create your first Representation Agreement & eSign

A 20 minute walkthrough of how to create a Zipforms Buyer Rep Packet (or Tenant Rep) and get it signed in less than 5 minutes!  Easy peasy!  (It takes longer to talk about it than do it!) 

... forgive the bad edit job

How to create your first contract offer then eSign

A 50 minute detailed walkthrough of how to create a Zipforms Contract Offer and do it right!!!!!  

Lots of details, but we go through all the steps