1099 Tax Forms

You may be receiving TWO or more Form 1099s 

Upon receiving your 1099, if you have any questions, the best way to get a resolution or more information would be to log into eXp World >> Go To >> Accounting - take a ticket and then the person will give you a pdf breakdown of what's included in your 1099 or answer your questions. 

If you need to make changes or get a replacement 1099, send an email to: 1099@exprealty.com (Include eXp World Holdings, Inc, your name, and last for of SSN or EIN

1099s FOR TRANSACTION COORDINATORS: Please note that eXp does not pay TCs and therefore does not issue 1099's. Agents are paying for the services, eXp just makes it easier by putting it on the CDA so the TC can get paid at closing. If an agent paid the TC more than $600 and the TC is not a corporation nor an LLC, then the Agent is responsible for issuing a 1099.  Talk to your accountant to get the best advice. Here are a few suggestions for 1099 e-filing services.  www.efile4biz.com      www.track1099.com       Quickbooks 1099


To get to Accounting:

Once you get into the Accounting department, use your mouse to click on the ticket machine to pull a ticket. You will then see your waitlist position on the right side of the screen.

1099 2023_Finance-1099-Doc-1-Pager.pdf
1099 Equity Incentive Plan - Tax Treatment.pdf