eXp Texas Broker Team

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eXp Texas Broker Information

eXp World TX Broker Office Hours

9 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri and 9 AM to 1 PM Sat

eXp TX Broker Hotline (888) 519-7431

7 days a week - 7 AM to 7 PM

You have ONE Designated Managing Broker to act for EXP Realty in Texas, Karen Richards. 

eXp Texas has registered other people with the Texas Real Estate Commission to help supervise Texas agents, and these people are Managing Brokers. Managing Brokers are your first resource for answering contract questions in the State of Texas. They have been appointed to act as your supervisors on your behalf. 

When you have any transaction-related questions, the first person you should reach out to is the eXp Texas Broker Team, not Cliff or Rachel. The brokers will give you the official answer from eXp.

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HOW TO GET ASSISTANCE FROM A BROKER    (Below are the best methods, in order, to get in touch with a Broker)

TEXAS STATE MEETING - Every Tuesday at 9:00 am CST

Live in eXp World, Texas Auditorium and Broadcast Live on Workplace in the Texas State Group

Tony King

eXp Director of Agent Growth for Texas (corporate)

Phone: 214-666-8548 

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/profile.php?id=100073323191382

TX Transaction Processing 



State Rms >TX

Staff available M-F 9:00a-5p

Works with all financial aspects of existing or archived transactions, such as creating your CDA and getting it sent to title as well as compliance

TX MLS Maintenance


eXp TX Referral Agent Division

Mailing Addresses for ALL Transaction Checks and Documents:

Overnight/FEDEX Address

Lockbox Services 207182
EXP Realty LLC 2975
Regent Blvd Suite 100
Irving, TX 75063

Regular Mail

P.O Box 207182
Dallas, TX 75320-7182

eXp Accounting Department


eXp eXpert Care Desk/Tech Support


Call (903) 500-4397
or (833) 303-0610

M-F 7 am - 10pm
Sat -Sun 7 am - 7 pm.

GoTo> eXpert Care Desk> eXpert Care Desk Lobby/HUB

Manging Brokers Contact Information

Karen Richards - License #508111 

Designated Managing Broker for Texas

Karen is the designated broker for all of Texas. Please contact her as a last resort. Please contact the Broker Hotline first. 

Email:  tx.broker@exprealty.com

Phone: 512-982-1855

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100077859890216/

Shawn Cochrell - License #628454

North TX Managing Broker

Email: shawn.cochrell@exprealty.net

Phone: 972-684-5352

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100080197587643/

Mark Riede - License #587104

North TX Managing Broker

Email: mark.riede@exprealty.net

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100092406406639 

Rick Carr - License #468802

North & West TX Managing Broker

Email: rick.carr@exprealty.net

Phone: 972-865-4746 

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100081625773248/

Tanja Anderson - License #528311

North & East TX Managing Broker

Email: tanja.anderson@exprealty.net

Phone: 972-437-8786 

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100038153769593/

Tara Shoufi - License #617950

North & East TX Managing Broker

Email: tara.shoufi@exprealty.net

Phone: 512-394-8294 

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/61552167712716