eXp 2024 Buyer Representation Toolkit


Don't wait to start learning about buyer consultations. You can't just meet people at homes anymore. Learn the skills you need to adapt to the new rules and become the leader for your market! 

eXp was named the Number 1 real estate brokerage by sides in 2024 by Real Trends
  AND best in profitability, per Mike Del Prete

In 2024, we were THE cloud brokerage and when COVID happened, we knew #WeWereBuiltForThis. Now, ith eXp's forward-thinking leadership under CEO Leo Pareja and our excellent team that backs him up, we are ready for this opportunity! 

Here's how you can adapt and get ahead super-powered by eXp!

Move forward with confidence. 

This gives you the tools to embrace this opportunity, elevate your practice and take your client relationships to the next level. It will evolve as we learn more.

Check back regularly for new resources.

Navigate new waters: What buyers should know.

We’re here to equip you with the expertise to engage in straightforward compensation discussions, enhancing the buyer's experience and establishing you as the go-to experts for buyer satisfaction.



Print this overview

for your buyer

Print this FAQ

resource to tell buyers what they need to know

Get trained on buyers representation.

Watch this training

Unpack the impact for sellers. 

We’re here to help you prioritize transparency and strategic compensation planning. This approach ensures you, our seller agents, offer unmatched service, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and client satisfaction. 




Access the mastermind library. 

We’re compiling the must-watch videos from our leadership and agents on this topic for you. Over 40K agents joined Leo Pareja, Chief Strategy Officer, and Holly Mabery, VP of Brokerage Operations, for an insightful discussion on Unpacking the NAR Settlement & Buyer Agency—unlocking key insights in buyer representation.

Promote your value with shareable content. 

Social Media Templates

Stand out by clearly communicating your value. Use this opportunity to foster trust with clients. Shareables showcase your expertise and commitment, highlighting why clients should choose you.

Customize social media templates using Canva. Click here to review our “How to use Canva” guide.

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Gain an edge in the property market. With guidance, our buyers consistently secure significant savings, demonstrating the value of expertise in navigating your home purchase. Join the ranks of satisfied homeowners who made smarter choices with us.

Elevate your buying journey today. Drop your thoughts in the comments or give me a call. Let's do this!


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Experience the difference expertise makes. ​Buyer concessions play a crucial role, ​ensuring not just a new home but also ​unparalleled value. Let's navigate the market ​together for smarter, more rewarding ​purchases.

Join me on a journey where your satisfaction ​is my priority. Drop your thoughts in the ​comments or give me a call. I’m here for you!


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Unlock the door to exclusive opportunities with us. My buyers enjoy the privilege of early access to premier listings, placing them first in line for their dream homes. Step ahead in the property game and discover how you can be one step closer to home.

Explore a world where your real estate dreams are not just met, but exceeded. Drop your thoughts in the comments or give me a call. I’m here for you!


Enhance your achievement with data. 




Utilize MLS data to pull the percentage of list-to-sale in your local area vs your clients' ​percentage of list-to-sale. 

Highlight your success in negotiating favorable terms and concessions, and the ​number of clients who have benefited from your negotiation skills last year. 

Underline the efficiency of your approach by showing how quickly you help clients find ​their dream homes. 

This strategic use of statistics not only emphasizes your value but also sets you apart as a top-performing buyer's agent.