eXp Texas Agents

A big welcome to you from the Texas Brokerage Team. eXp Realty is excited to have you! We’re going to help you get up and running, and introduce you to what eXp Realty has to offer. There is a checklist of items in this document you will be completing over the next few days. *PRINT THIS DOCUMENT ALONG WITH THE CHECKLIST FOR QUICK REFERENCE. This is also a live document, there are many links to things you will want to refer to. So, keep this document on your computer.

*It is important to remember that the process moves at your pace, the quicker you complete each step in the onboarding process, the quicker you are out there selling real estate.


Once you have confirmation from TREC on your sponsorship request please email TXMLS@exprealty.com and let us know which association/MLS you are with and if you are a current member or need to join. The Texas Team is here to assist you, but the attached quick reference guide should always be your first stop. You can reach out to any of us during the week while we are in the Broker Room (M-F 9:30-5:00) or by contacting your regional managing broker directly. Contact information is in this package.

Welcome to eXp Texas!

Tony King

Designated Managing Broker for Texas

eXp Realty, LLC.

Complete steps 1– 5 in order in the checklist below.

** After Step 5, each step MUST be completed, but not necessarily in order.

1. Complete eXp Online Application Join eXp

2. Sign eXp Independent Contractor Agreement

3. Request Sponsorship with EXP Realty LLC (603392) www.trec.texas.gov and TREC Sponsorship Guide

4. Change your sponsorship at your local association/MLS

Email: txmls@exprealty.com and let us know which association/MLS you are with, if you are joining or a current member, and if you have any listings to transfer. We will send you the necessary pre-filled forms and instructions.

**Houston and Dallas agents: if you would like to sign up for the ShowingTime group plan call 312-568-8001 ext. 150 to sign up $23/month for 10 listings and $6 per additional listing OR $40/listing.

5. Explore: eXp World and Schedule your World Tour with a Cloud Concierge. Visit: https://explore.exprealty.com for additional helpful information If you experience difficulty, email: support@exprealty.com

6. Update your Information About Brokerage Services form (IABS) and your templates in ZipForms with the new broker information (see below)

We have a lot of great information below.

If you don't find the Texas info you're looking for below.... check out

Texas FAQ Texas Advertising Need Help? Access the Broker Room

GET PLUGGED IN - Knowledge Base & State Meetings

TEXAS STATE MEETING - Held every 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 8:30 am CST


STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS for ALL AGENTS - Held every Tuesday at 12:00 pm CST

COFFEE WITH ENID -- Held every Wednesday at 9:00 am CST - ZOOM

These meetings will be held weekly via zoom & you can register via the link below:


TEXAS CONTRACTS TRAINING - Held every Thursday at 1:30 pm CST

You can join the meetings in eXp World. They are held in the Texas Auditorium.

To navigate from eXp World, on the top left corner click "GO TO" ----> Broker State Rooms ----> TEXAS ----> Doors ----> TEXAS AUDITORIUM

(This is interactive: Your microphone control is in the lower left corner of this window, to the left of the chatbox. If your microphone is currently green, you will want to click it to turn it red. A red microphone is a muted mic.)

You can also log in via the eXp World Intercom mobile app, ---> Central Broker Rooms ---> Click on TEXAS AUDITORIUM ---> Join Room

(This is Audio Only, to retrieve links and interaction you will need to login to your computer)

ATTEND THE eXp REALTY LEADERSHIP MEETING - Held every Friday at 10:00 am CST - Main Auditorium

Add tx.broker@exprealty.com to your contacts

Familiarize yourself with the eXp Knowledge Base: https://explore.exprealty.com/

Check out the eXp Class Schedule at: www.expcloud.com

Download, Read, and Become Familiar with eXp Policies and Procedures Manual and Texas Policies and Procedures

Your Social Media

Update your Social Media with Texas Email & Advertising Compliance

Please forward a copy of ALL Social Media sites you use to promote your business. Use THIS FORM to submit.

Gather all of your advertising links: including social media, websites, copies of business cards, signs and any other customer-facing advertising and email all for approval to tx.broker@exprealty.com.

(*You are responsible for sending ALL advertising proofs to tx.broker@exprealty.net and marketing@exprealty.com PRIOR to first use per TREC Advertising Rules outlined in the TX Policy & Procedures).

Agent Attraction

If you are going to be attracting new agents to eXp there is a document you must review the Agent Attraction Universal Pledge.

Who is my Broker & How Do I Contact Them?

You have ONE Designated Managing Broker to act for EXP Realty in Texas, Tony King.

Tony King - License #622946 Email: tx.broker@exprealty.com

Tony has assigned people at TREC to help supervise Texas agents, these people are Managing Brokers. Managing Brokers are your first resource for answering contract questions in the State of Texas. They have been appointed by the broker with TREC to act as your supervisor on her behalf.

When contacting a Broker, either visit us in the Texas Broker Room in eXp World during Broker Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:30 am CST - 4:00 pm CST, and Tuesday 10:00 am CST - 4:00 pm CST or *send a Workplace Chat*(preferred). When you have a Broker question the first person you should reach out to is your Managing Broker. Your Broker Team is available for contact during Business Hours, Monday - Friday from 8:00p.m to 6:00 p.m.

The best way to reach out to your Managing Broker is to send them a chat on Workplace. Broker phones should be used for absolute emergencies, only!!!

You can also send an email for non-urgent items to tx.broker@exprealty.com. (Don’t forget the dot after tx).

Need Help? Access the Broker Room in eXp World

The best way to contact your Managing Broker is via a trip into the Broker Room in eXp World or via Workplace Chat.

If you need to speak to your Managing Broker, please contact them via Workplace chat first then contact via their phone extension.

Each Managing Broker's phone number can be found in the Texas Agent Handbook.

Not sure who your Managing Broker is? Take a look at this map to clarify.


The Texas Broker Team is glad to assist you with business needs as they arise. Please understand our Brokers will assist you as quickly as they can, but do occasionally have to attend required meetings, training and other appointments. We recommend that you utilize the virtual tools available to you to get in touch with your Broker, or leave a message they can access as soon as they're available. Below are the best methods, in order, to get in touch with a Broker:

    • 1ST - Visit the Texas Broker Room (GoTo>Broker State Rooms>Texas) to speak to the Brokers on Duty. This may not be YOUR Managing Broker, however, the Broker on Duty can assist you.

    • 2nd - Workplace Chat (best to use. Your Broker may be teaching, in meetings, etc. They will see your unread chat and can follow up as soon as they are available).

    • 3rd - Call Your Broker via Their Phone Extension, Leave a Message if they don't answer.

    • 4th - Email the Broker (or tx.broker@exprealty.net) This method for non-emergency questions or requests.

Important Texas Information:

eXp Realty Brokerage License Number

#603392 (This goes on page 9 of the contracts & agreements).


ALL Sales Contracts use: 9600 Great Hills Trail, Ste 150W, Austin Texas 78759.


Use the Austin address on all contracts. Amounts are payable in Travis County

9600 Great Hills Trl Ste 150W

Austin, TX 78759

For ALL Lease Transactions-**PLEASE NOTE** You can use the Dallas P.O. box for overnight, however, there is no W-9 for this address if the Property Management company requires one. If a W-9 is required, you will need to use the Bellingham WA address and W-9.

How to Do Leases


20-8369429 (A prefilled signed W-9 is located in Sky Slope)

A copy of eXp’s E&O insurance

Fees For Agents:

New U.S. Fees

Mailing Addresses for LEASE Transaction Checks and Documents:

Mailing Address:


2219 Rimland Drive, Ste 301

Bellingham, WA 98226

Overnight Address

Lockbox Services 207182

EXP Realty LLC

P.O Box 207182

Dallas, TX 75320-7182

Rental Mailing Address


2219 Rimland Drive, Suite 301

Bellingham, WA 98226

Rental Overnight Address


P.O Box 207182

Dallas, TX 75320-7182

IMPORTANT: These addresses are only for checks made payable to eXp Realty. Please continue to deliver checks made payable to our agents or third party vendors directly to those payees.

As a reminder, to expedite processing time, always include the disbursement authorization form and signed closing disclosure/settlement statement with Remittance