Zillow Premier Agent Training

Step 4: Download the Zillow Premier Agent app

Download the latest version of the Premier Agent® App

You can download the Premier Agent App from the Apple Store or Google Play (Android). The first time you download the app you will need to Sign In with the email address and password associated with your Zillow profile. This stand-alone app is available to all agents with free profiles on Zillow and Trulia.

The new Premier Agent App helps you simply and effectively manage your leads anywhere you are. Increase your efficiency with fast, streamlined responses to incoming contacts from Zillow and Trulia. Easily manage your listings, profiles and reviews on Zillow and Trulia in the app, and access powerful tools and training in the Premier Agent Resource Center.

Plus, you’ll get the Premier Agent inbox and features on desktop when you download the mobile app

Step 5: (iOS) Turn on Enhanced Connection Calls feature

Step 6: Set custom notification sound for your Zillow Premier app


Go to Contacts on your iPhone

Click the + sign in the top right corner

Enter a desired contact name (ex.: Zillow ALM) and scroll down to Ringtone/Text Tone

Select each field to update the desired sound, and scroll down to Social Profile

Click Add Social Profile, Choose Premier Agent and add the Zillow Concierge number (+12065390456)

Click Done in the top right and you’re finished!