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Step 3: Get better! Increase your Customer Satisfaction Score!

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Zillow takes customer satisfaction very seriously with Zillow CSAT surveys. Only agents & teams with the highest Zillow CSAT scores are getting the Best of Zillow badges on their Premier Agent profiles.

The Zillow CSAT score is also one of the primary factors in the future to getting access to new Zillow leads and keeping the existing leads areas.

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Zillow sends your TCFG Zillow lead connections a survey requesting feedback on their experience with you. These surveys, distributed via in-app prompts, email and/or text communication, are sent:

  • 24 hours after your first interaction with a connection

  • 15 days after you’ve established a relationship with your connection

  • 45 days after you’ve had an extensive amount of time to deliver service to the connection

Some data points to consider:

- Agents and teams with an Experience Score of 90 or above transact 40% more often – this is why that score gets you the Best of Zillow badge!

- There is a 50% chance that after first reaching out to an agent, that consumer will buy or sell within the next 12 months – This is why we need to leverage MyAgent to stay connected!

- The current response rate for the Best of Zillow survey is ~20% - That shows a huge opportunity! If you know you gave someone a great experience, drive them to the survey! (If the call didn’t go so well, just don’t mention the survey! )

CFG Zillow Script

Best of Zillow Script - Ask for survey

ALM Generic Script

"My Agent" Strategies

Prioritizing the Customer Experience

Some key takeaways from the discussion:

- From a 30,000-ft. view, the driving forces behind online lead conversion are leaving a strong first impression, meeting face to face, and working them into a consistent follow up plan.

This is why we send the consumer surveys out 1 hour, 24 hours, 15 days, and 45 days after your initial call. Be aware of this and plan your follow-up accordingly!

- On the first call, leverage as many of the 4 most important agent traits as much as possible: Trust, Knowledge, Responsiveness and Communication Style

- Kick off the call with a professional intro (name / brokerage / region) and close the call by re-stating your name, confirming phone number and how they want to communicate

- Continue offering the appointment right away to quickly lay the groundwork for trust – then pivot and ask at least 2 open-ended questions about their search (avoid yes/no answers!)

If you ask at least two open-ended question and make it about them, our studies show the consumer is 3x more likely to say they want to work with you in the future!

Look for opportunities to flex your real estate knowledge or give advice in a way that instills confidence, rather than creating roadblocks for the consumer

- Before ending the call, ask for the consumer’s feedback by letting them know about the Zillow survey (see attached script)

- As soon as you’re off the phone, establish your responsiveness and professional brand by texting your business card (do a “hello video” to go the extra mile)

Remember: There’s a 70% chance a consumer will use you as an agent again if they remember your name!

- Track your score on your Customer Experience Report periodically – where are you trending up? Down?