Zillow Premier Agent Training

Step 1: Set Up Your Zillow Premier Agent Profile

To Be Eligible To Start Receiving Leads from CFG

  1. Must be fully trained

  2. Must be FLQA and directly sponsored by Cliff Freeman, Jr.

  3. Must be Script Certified

  4. Must pass screening

Step 1 is to Set up your profile (below)

Step 2 is to get trained

Step 3 is to learn the Zillow rules

Step 4 is to install the app

Step 5 Fill out the Zip Code Preferences Survey


Professional Information Section

Does your agent profile show that you work for either The Cliff Freeman Group or eXp Realty?

If not, here are instructions how to edit

Did you set up your Zillow Premier Agent profile to have an automatic email signature with TREC compliance? See page 10 of this document for how to do that and use your Zillow phone number.

-------- ZILLOW TECH SUPPORT --------

If you need immediate tech help, contact Zillow Tech Support at 888-466-3501. Their support hours are Monday to Friday 5am-5pm PST and Saturday and Sunday 6:30am-5pm PST. (Note: You must use 469-712-5872 to access, not your phone number.) - examples: app issues, dropped won calls, missing leads, etc.

In the meantime, check out the FAQs for answers to common questions.

Beware of scams... people call agents via the Zillow portal looking to sell services or scam you. Also, people can be impersonated. For example, this summer, someone was impersonating Cliff Freeman and sending messages through Zillow to agents on our team asking for money. Scam advice article from Zillow