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eXp Texas Broker Information

eXp TX Broker Office Hours

9 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri and 9 AM to 1 PM Sat

eXp TX Broker Hotline (888) 519-7431

7 days a week - 7 AM to 7 PM

You have ONE Designated Managing Broker to act for EXP Realty in Texas, Karen Richards. 

eXp Texas has registered other people with the Texas Real Estate Commission to help supervise Texas agents, and these people are Managing Brokers. Managing Brokers are your first resource for answering contract questions in the State of Texas. They have been appointed to act as your supervisors on your behalf. 

When you have a Broker question, the first person you should reach out to is your Managing Broker. 


The Texas Broker Team is glad to assist you with business needs as they arise. Please understand that our Brokers will assist you as quickly as they can but do occasionally have to attend required meetings, training, and other appointments. We recommend that you utilize the virtual tools available to you to get in touch with your Broker or leave a message they can access as soon as they're available. 

Below are the best methods, in order, to get in touch with a Broker:

Manging Broker Contact Information

Karen Richards - License #508111 

Designated Managing Broker for Texas

Karen is the designated broker for all of Texas. Please contact her as a last resort. Please contact the Broker Hotline first. 

Email:  tx.broker@exprealty.com

Phone: 512-982-1855

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100077859890216/

Tony King-  License #622946

Director of Growth for eXp Texas

Phone: 214-666-8548 

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/profile.php?id=100073323191382

Shawn Cochrell - License #628454

North & East Managing Broker

Email: shawn.cochrell@exprealty.net

Phone: 972-684-5352

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100080197587643/

Rick Carr - License #468802

North, East & West Managing Broker

Email: rick.carr@exprealty.net

Phone: 972-865-4746 

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100081625773248/

Tanja Anderson - License #528311

North & East Managing Broker

Email: tanja.anderson@exprealty.net

Phone: 972-437-8786 

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/chat/t/100038153769593/

Lindsey Hollin - License #655238  - FARM AND RANCH SPECIALIST!!!!

South, West & RGV Managing Broker

Email: lindsey.hollin@exprealty.net

Phone: 432-897-4729  

Workplace: https://exprealty.workplace.com/profile.php?id=100081486613123